by Charlie Rogers
What Jesus said for us to do.
He gave us His instructions. It was not my decision to write this. I was commanded to do it. One winter night, I received this command. I had been sleeping, but suddenly my eyes opened and I was told to get up and write something down. I got a pen and notepad in the kitchen and sat down at the table. I was then commanded to read, compile and list what Jesus, and no one else, had said for us to do. I was told to write down the title: "Do's And Don'ts". Lastly, I understood that this "list" was to be "published". So, since He commanded me to do this, I spent time researching the Bible in order to make note of everything that Jesus said to do or not to do. It was that simple. There was no additional commands , nor any elaboration by Him, so the results of the only time in my life Jesus spoke directly to me are on the links shown below. My brother advised me that the most people would have access to this list on the net, so that's the way I decided to go.
Matthew Commands 
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The Sermon on the Mount:
Mark Commands 
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In Nazareth, to the people:
Luke Commands 
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Jesus teaches to large crowds all over Judea:
John Commands 
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Jesus teaches a crowd by the Lake Galilee:
J06-V29 DO
John Commands Jesus teaches a crowd by the Lake Galilee: This is the work God wants you to do: believe in the one He sent.
M05-V25 DO
DO settle your differences before going to court with a person who is considering a suit against you.
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