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The Sermon on the Mount:

M05-V03 thru 12
In my opinion Jesus did not command us to be aware of our need for more spirituality, or to mourn, or to be meek, along with the other characterizations. However, he did offer rewards to those who were in these categories. Therefore I did not see these as commands. But in his teaching to the great crowd on the hill, he did give some commands that are followed:
M05-V16 DO
DO be obvious in your faith to other people and do good things, so others will see them.
M05-V19 DO
DO obey the commandments and influence others to do the same and you will be Great in the Kingdom of Heaven.
M05-V19 DON'T
DON'T disobey even the smallest commandment or influence anyone else to do so, or you will end up with the smallest reward in the Afterlife.
M05-V20 DO
DO be more faithful than teachers of the Law in doing what God requires.
M05-V22 DON'T
DON'T be angry, privately or in public with others, as this will put in danger of punishment in the Afterlife.
M05-V23-24 DO
DO make peace with anyone with whom you have problems before you go to church.
M05-V25 DO
DO settle your differences before going to court with a person who is considering a suit against you.
M05-V28 DON'T
DON'T commit sins in your mind, such as wanting to have an affair with a woman after you are married, for it´s just as bad as the act itself.
M05-V32 DON'T
DON'T divorce your wife UNLESS she has committed adultery. Otherwise, she AND the man she marries afterward will be considered adulterers.
M05-V34 thru 37 DON'T
DON'T use the word swear when making a promise. Just say yes or no.
M05-V39 DON'T
DON'T take revenge on anyone who does you wrong.
M05-V40 DO
DO give more in court than is asked by the person who has sued you.
M05-V41 DO
DO give twice as much effort as a person has asked you to do.
M05-V42 DO
DO give to people that ask, and lend to people who wish to borrow.
M05-V43 DO
DO Love your enemies, and pray for people that are against you. It´s easy to love people that love you, and talk to only friends. This command ends with you must be perfect, in order to emulate God.
M06-V01 thru 04 DON'T
DO NOT make a show of doing your religious duties, such as helping a needy person. There will be no reward for a gesture that is obviously done to impress others. Do things such as this in private. God will know and reward you for it.
M06-V05-06 DON'T
DON'T make a show of your prayers in public places. It´s better to be private. You will be rewarded.
M06-V07-08 DON'T
DON'T use long, wordy prayers. Be direct. He knows what you need before you ask.
M06-V14-15 DO
DO forgive others and you will be forgiven. Otherwise you will not be forgiven.
M06-V16 DON'T
DON'T show your religious tasks through outward displays. Keep them private.
M06-V19-20 DON'T
DON'T save material things for yourself here on earth, as they cannot last, but do save riches for your heavenly life, where they will last forever.
M06-V24 thru 34 DON'T
DON'T try to serve two masters, both God and money. Don´t worry about tomorrow; it will have worries of its own. Instead of dwelling on money, be concerned with the things God requires of you. He knows the material things that you need, and He will take care of you when you trust in him.
M07-V01-02 DON'T
DON'T judge other people, because God will use your own methods to judge you. Be introspective and correct your personal problems before you condemn others for smaller shortcomings than your own. Once yours are taken care of, then assist another with solutions to their problems. Instead of criticizing others, help them.
M07-V03-14 DO
DO expect the way to eternal life to be hard, not easy like the road to Hell.
M07-V06 DON'T
DON'T share your religious views with small-minded, mean-spirited people. They will not appreciate them, and may even attack you and your religion.
M07-V12 DO
DO for others what you would want them to do for you.
M07-V15 thru 20 DO
DO be wary of false prophets, who look meek, but are predators on the inside. Watch their actions, and you will recognize them for what they are.
M07-V21-22 DO
DO what God wants you to do. Just because you talk the talk is not enough. You have to walk the walk! Jesus comes down after his sermon, and travels to Capernaum and beyond, performing miracles and teaching.
M10-V32-33 DO
Declare publicly that you belong to me, and I will do the same for you before my Father in heaven. Deny me publicly, and I will deny you before Him.
M10-V37-39 DO
Love nobody more than Me. Suffer hardships in my name to be worthy of me. Lose your life for my sake and you will gain eternal life.
M11-V28-30 DO
Emulate my gentle, humble spirit and I will give you rest from the burdens in life you are carrying now. Being in my service is easy, and your burden will be light.
M11-V32 DO
Declare publicly that you are mine, and I will do the same before my Father in heaven.
M11-V33 DO
Deny publicly that you are mine, and I will deny you before my Father in heaven.
M12-V31-32 DON'T
DON'T say something evil against the Holy Spirit(God's Spirit), because your action can never be forgiven. Any other sin can be, but not this one!
M12-V50 DO
DO what God wants you to do and you will be like my brother, my sister, my mother.
M15-V10-11 DON'T
DON'T think that certain things you eat and rituals you don't perform may be against God's law and somehow make you unclean. It is what comes out of your mouth that indicates how pure your heart is.
M15-V14 DON'T
DON'T concern yourselves with the feelings of church leaders who are bline to what you know are Jesus' goals for you.
M18-V03-04 DO
DO become like children in your faith, in order to enter heaven.
M18-V06 DON'T
DON'T cause a child to lose his faith in Jesus. It will be terrible for the one who does this. NOTE: In Hebrews 2-V14, it is stated that Jesus called people of flesh and blood, "children".
M18-V10 DON'T
M18-V10 DO NOT despise (hate) a child. Their angels are always in God´s presence.
M18-V15-17 DO
DO go to a person who has wronged you, in private, and tell him why he´s wrong. If they don´t listen (agree), take one or two people to witness the wrong you had been done. If they don´t listen then, tell the whole thing to the church (pastor, priest, etc.). If they don´t listen to the church, never have any contact with them again.
M18-V21-35 DO
DO forgive a person for as many wrongs as they commit against you. God will punish you if you cannot sincerely forgive someone from your heart.
M19-V04-09 DON'T
DON'T divorce someone unless they have been unfaithful to you. If you divorce for any other reason, and then remarry, you have committed adultery.
M19-V14 DON'T
DON'T stop a child from coming to Jesus (church), because the Kingdom of heaven belongs to them.
M21-V22 DO
DO believe, and you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.
M22-V21 DO
DO give to the government what belongs to it, and give to God what belongs to him.
M22-V37-38 DO
DO love the Lord with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. (This is the greatest commandment.)
M22-V39 DO
DO love your fellow-man as you love yourself. (This is the second most important commandment.)
M25-V35-40 DO
M25-V35 thru 40 DO feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, welcome a stranger, give clothes to a person in need of them, take care of a sick person, visit a person in prison. When you do this for someone, you do it for God also.


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