by Charlie Rogers
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In Nazareth, to the people:

Mk03-V28-29 DON'T
Mark Commands In Nazareth, to the people: DON'T ever say anything against the Holy Spirit. It is the only unforgivable sin.
Mk03-V35 DO
DO what God wants you to do and you will considered one of Jesus´ immediate family.
Mk04-V24 DON'T
By the Lake of Galilee: DON'T judge other by your rules, unless you wish those same rules, used even more severely, to be used by God, to judge you.
Mk09-V37 DO
In Capernaum: DO welcome any child with my name, and you welcome me and God, my father.
Mk09-V41 DO
DO help someone who is a Christian, and you will be rewarded.
Mk09-V42 DON'T
DON'T cause a child to lose his faith in Jesus.
Mk10-V10-11 DON'T
In Judea: DON'T divorce your mate and marry another, or you will be committing adultery.
Mk11-V24 DO
In Capernaum: DO believe without any doubt, that your prayers will be answered, and you will receive whatever you pray for.
Mk11-V25 DO
DO forgive anything you have against someone, while praying, so your sins too will be forgiven.
Mk12-V17 DO
DO pay the state what is theirs, and pay God what is His.
Mk12-V30 DO
DO love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. This is the most important commandment.
Mk12-V31 DO
DO love everyone as much as you love yourself. This is the second most important commandment.
Mk12-V38-40 DO
Watch out for teachers of the Law, who make a show of saying long prayers and like to be placed in high esteem by people. They will stoop even to robbing widows of everything they own.
Mk12-V41-44 DO
Jesus´ recognition of your offering to the church is relative to how much you value your offering.
Mk16-V16 DO
Jesus appears to the eleven disciples after the Crucifixion: DO believe and be baptized and you will be saved. DO NOT believe and you will be condemned.


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